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Hot Beats Equal Winning

Fire beats are very important to the success of any music business. Hot instrumentals attract fans to love and admire the music composed and played by an artist. Whether it’s hip hop, rap, or trap music it’s of high importance to contain a hot instrumental. Fire instrumentals enhance the quality of a song. Great beats contain snapping drums, catchy melodies, and banging bass. Commercial success of a song comes from the beats ability to move the crowd. Hot beats inspire the listeners and convey a certain emotion or feeling from the song. Instrumentals make fans emotional and participate in the whole song. This emotion can come in the form of excitement, anger, sadness, depression, or happiness.

Music is all about expressing yourself or your emotion. It all begins with the kind of musical composition that an artist will settle on. A beat that is not hot makes it hard for the songwriter or an artist to express their emotions and feelings in the resulting song.

Influence of Hot Beats on Success

For success in modern music, or any type of music there is need to have hot tracks. The tracks an artist chooses are an integral element of their music success. This is because hot beats play a paramount role in the selling of albums for the recording artists. Hot tracks directly affect marketing and demand for an album in the music industry. This is more so important in the marketing of pop and hip hop genres. The top music celebrities achieve their success through their choices of high quality and modern rap instrumentals. Artist beats produce highly marketable songs that promote their record sales and music careers.

DJ Mustard Makes Hot Beats

Effect of Rhythm, Melody, and Bass


Psychologists report that rhythm coordinates behavior of people in the group as well as their thinking. When the song has a powerful rhythm, people tend to dance more and move in unison. Rhythm brings about uniformity in emotions and feelings, making the beat of the song hotter. This can be used to explain why people listening to music together enjoy music more than a person listening to music alone. The drum and percussion elements of a song drive the rhythm.


Melody is the highness or lowness of a musical sound. When the melody of a beat comes out at higher pitches it seems more lively. This makes the music seem more hyped up than when the melody is low. Lower octave melodies create a darker feel, but done correctly can still form a hot beat. The melody of a song doesn’t drive the beat, but it does make the song catchy.


Bass makes music sound powerful. It makes the musical message come out clearly and enhances emotional involvement. The installation of the bass element into the beat leads to automatic body movement. In modern music 808 bass is the prefered type of bass instrument to use. 808 bass can be pitched so many different ways. 808’s can be played musically like a melody; therefore making them the choice of many producers.

Get Hot Beats Easy

With numerous online channels available it is easy to get beats. Beats can be downloaded to your phone or home computer. Once a track is downloaded it can be easily installed into a program to begin the song formation process. Beat Stars Pro Pages provide varying types of beats to artists. Beats can be found on various pages within the Beat Stars platform. With domain names and custom themes, Pro Pages provide you with all the required tools for looking and operating professionally. These pages are responsive for all mobile, desktop, and tablet browsers. Beat Stars Pro Pages come with integrated shopping carts, making it quick and convenient to buy hot tracks. Pro Pages are the the best commerce solution needed by any musician to obtain hot beats.

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